Governor and Lt. Governor urging Minnesotans age 40 to 65 to prepare for the future

October 03, 2012

"Own Your Future” Initiative 

On Tuesday, October 2, Lieutenant Governor Yvonne Prettner Solon and other state officials officially launched Minnesota’s “Own Your Future” initiative.

Governor Mark Dayton and Lieutenant Governor Yvonne Prettner Solon are urging all Minnesotans age 40 to 65 to “Own Your Future” by planning for their personal need as they grow older. The first phase of Minnesota’s “Own Your Future” initiative also includes a new website, PSAs, internet advertising, community meetings and other employer and grassroots efforts.

Future phases of “Own Your Future” will look at development of affordable financial products to help people pay for long-term care and evaluation of possible changes to Medicaid to better align with and encourage private payment for long-term care.

After the news conference there will be a reception with members of the Own Your Future Advisory Panel to mark the launch of the initiative in the Great Hall of the State Capitol. The reception is open to press.

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Own Your Future

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