Why is the Senior LinkAge Line® calling me?

January 25, 2018

You might be aware that the Senior LinkAge Line® is the place to call if you have Medicare questions, but did you know that’s just one of the many ways it can help. The Minnesota State Legislature has directed the Senior LinkAge Line® to expand its reach in 2018 to help more people stay home who would otherwise end up on Medical Assistance after spending down their assets. This is a proactive push to reach out to these at-risk populations before an accident or injury forces an expensive relocation.


If your health care or home care provider feels you could benefit from this kind of help, a Senior LinkAge Line® specialist may be calling you. Or you can always call the Senior LinkAge Line® yourself – 1-800-333-2433.


Senior LinkAge Line® specialists are able to connect people with community services like accessible housing, transportation, home care and more. The goal is to help you live where and how you want to live, for as long as you want to, with the right help and support in place to keep you safe. The Senior LinkAge Line® is a free service of the Minnesota Board on Aging that has been helping seniors and their families since 1994.


In the past, the only way to connect with the Senior LinkAge Line® was to call the toll free number – 1-800-333-2433 and later through online chat. In 2010, the Senior LinkAge Line® started reaching out to nursing home residents who had said they wanted to move home. Then in 2013, providers could begin making referrals through an online form. The program was such as success, the State of Minnesota funded an expansion to help even more people beginning in 2018.


If you fit any of the following situations, the Senior LinkAge Line® may call you to see if you would like help:

  • Medicare is no longer paying for your home care.

  • You are on a waiting list to get into assisted living facility.

  • You called the Senior LinkAge Line® about moving to assisted living, but decided not to move.

  • Your doctor referred you to the Senior LinkAge Line® for more help.

  • Your doctor said you have to stay in a nursing home for more than 90-days.

  • You have been admitted to a nursing home for a respite stay.


    If a Senior LinkAge Line® specialist calls you, there is no obligation to accept the help. The Senior LinkAge Line® is here whenever you need it. The Senior LinkAge Line® provides free and objective help to keep seniors living in a fulfilling environment for as long as they wish. Funding is provided through the Older Americans Act and grants to the Minnesota Board on Aging and Area Agencies on Aging.